Tonight (Monday) Juan van Willigen aka DJ Foose start on 9:00 PM

In the mix tonight DJ Foose his mix start on 9:00 PM until 10:00 PM !

DJ Foose say:
I started mixing in 1985 after listening to Ben Liebrand’s Grand Mixes. I have several mixes made in the Soul Show of Ferry Maat, a Dutch radio host. From 1990 till 1996 I have turned in various nightclubs and pubs in Zaanstad. After 1996, I began my drive-in show again dusted off and have I at weddings, festivals and sports festivals around the lot musically arranged. In 1999 my daughter was born and a year later my son. From that moment I make a monthly the “Funmix” for my friends and family in my homemade studio. In 2005 I was allowed one hour mix every friday on Radio Zaan. Unfortunately, it only took 2 years and was the Zaan Radio programming has changed dramatically.


August 20th, 2012

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