DJ Neonglass monday 9:00 PM

DJ Neonglass made his first steps in mixing on age 14 (1977). He started mixing with 2 Marantz record players with pitch-control. Inspired by his discovery, he began to create customized pause button mixes on his big reel tape recorder (later cassette) as he realized that certain records could be made more suitable for the Dance floor, if they wen given a slight twist of extension. At the age of 16 he was asked to play at several clubs as a guest-DJ. Mixing was in that time very special and also all clubs had “talking DJ’’s” in that time. One of his friends he “worked” in the drive-in disco with is now known as Atlantic Ocean a.k.a DJ Lex van Coeverden (a world hit single “Waterfall 2009″). In 1984 he stopped mixing, so he had time to found his own neon-design factory. After 24 years not being mixing and DJ-ing, he took some Mixing lessons in Youth Centre “Bazart” also located on the grounds of the former O.L.S, the place where it in 1977 all began. When he’s started his Mixing lessons, he noticed that there was a lot of changed in the DJ equipment. He decided to quit mixing with vinyl and go for the new technological tools now like mixing with 2 CD players with pitch control.


September 3rd, 2012

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