Tonight [Monday] Kristina Lalic in the mix from 9:00 PM

Born In 1981 Kristina Lalic moved to city of Belgrade from Canada. Since her early age, music was her love and passion. Growing up in musical family surrounded by various music, from classic to rock,pop and house Kristina finished music school in the piano department, ballet and singed in the choir.
Growing up on a balanced diet of various music 1996-97 Kristina fell in love in electronic scene and DJing itself. After few years of learning and practicing DJing she made a pause, which will last few years. A couple of years later she took first steps in producing electronic music.
Beside her work on television station as production coordinator, Kristina started working as sound technician and music editor on regional radio station. Kristina got an idea for her own radio show and in September 2005 Kristina became author and host of radio show “Belgrade Clubbing”, presenting new and upcoming releases from various genres of electronic music from deep house to techno, interviews with various DJ’s, producers and information’s about club life in Belgrade. ”Belgrade Clubbing” also became famous due to mixes made after every show called ”Essential tracks of the week” with tracks played & supported in the show.
The show was successfully aired till September 2010, when Kristina decided to focus on Djing and production.
In 2008 one of the first collaboration was born between French DJ Rod Debyser and Kristina Lalic. They worked together on a remix for Electroholix-Adiction, released on Noobish Records.
Her active involvement in electronic scene started 2009 in Belgrade, developing her DJing skills around the city working regular DJ jobs at local nightclubs. Her first guest mixes were aired on Frisky and Proton radio, after that many more came. Today you can hear Kristina’s “Essential Mix Session” every month on CrossFm.
In 2010 and 2011 Kristina Lalic performed at Exit and also in 2011 at Easy Tiger Festival.
2011 Kristina joins organizations Hear.It.Feel.It.Move.It. and Re-Start. She played alongside with talented and respected DJ’s such as: Machine, Salar, Steffen Baumann, Ambivalent, Matt Hardinge, Shinedoe and many more.
Kristina’s sets are energetic combining deep house, tech house and techno with a unique style & technique, this talented DJ will sure not leave you standing.
At present time Kristina Lalic is focused on her production and sound development, electronic music the sound of today and tomorrow.


January 14th, 2013

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