Coyu suara 056 with Yvan Genkions (studio mix)

Today we have with us the Swiss Dj and producer Yvan Genkins. He definetely like to build tight and pumping DJ sets focussing always on the dance floor and he is catching the most exigent audiences with his style. Check this 60 minute set!

Playlist of 3-3-2015 (21 PM cet):
1. Lowboys BDJ Markomas – Raw Deal (Original Mix)
2. Simone Liberali – Swan (Mendo & Yvan Genkins Remix)
3. Hugo – Pendulum (Detlef Remix)
4. Yvan Genkins – Put me Down (Original Mix)
5. Santos – Street File (Original Mix)
6. Chus & Ceballos – They Say Nothing (Mendo Remix)
7. Alex costa – Based Apps (Yvan Genkins Remix)
8. Yvan Genkins – Mouth (Original Mix)
9. Yvan Genkins – By the way you dance (Original Mix)coyu_suara_podcats_056_with_yvan_genkions_studio_mix


March 3rd, 2015

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