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Playlist Global House Vibes 23 Dec 2017

Playlist Global House Vibes 23 Dec 2017

Lokee – I Want Your Love
Carl Hanaghan – Strings Of Life
Saison Breath Life
Block & Crown – Why You Play On Me
Stephen Nicholls – In It Together
Todd Edwards & Golf Clap – Come Together
Babert – Boogie Oogie
Rene Amesz – Booom Shak
Paolo Barbato – Movin’, Doin’ it
PEZNT – You Got Me feat. Sheree Hicks
House Of Virus & AM2PM – Listen Up
Incognet, Yuga – Ori Tali Ma Je
Christian Vlad Ft. Shawn B – Off The Wall (Dim2play & Techcrasher Remix)
Tom Novy & Veralovesmusic – Magic Happes


December 24th, 2017

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