Sander van der Wal (Revolution)

Sander van der Wal (Revolution)
Birth name
Sander van der Wal

I came into contact with music at a young age. My father worked at Disco 538 in Uithuizen. As a child I often went along, and on the Sunday afternoon I often had to play a few records before the opening. In 1982 they already played with Technics SP15 turntables and an Iemke Roos IR7 mixer, which was very modern for this time. The deejay (Etwin) was already very good with mixing import disco, this mainly came from the UK and US. Records from Bobby “O”, Georgio Moroder and Lime passed much by. We got many big artist on stage like Hazel Dean, The Trammps, The Flirts and many more. I had a great time there, and started to buy records.

The first record I bought was NV with ‘It’s Allright’, disco, synthpop and electro were the styles that interested me. In 1983 I became friends with Kees (DJKcee). We had the same interests, and after school we spent the day in his studio. We made mixes, sold them on tape, to buy new records with the money. In 1985, former 538 DJ Etwin (Eddy McCoy) opened the doors of Disco New York New York in Tynaarlo. He spent a lot of time in Italy and Spain for his work and bought his records here. Here we heard the first sounds of the Italodisco phenomenon. Miko Mission, Den Harrow, Scotch … How wonderful. I was immediately sold to this music style from Italy.

In those years I was a subscriber to the monthly Disco Deejay Service (later: Disco Dance). Here you can find the latest info of all music styles. One Marcello d’Azzurro wrote a column about Italodisco. Here you could find info about new records, we searched for these records. That’s how we ended up in The Hague, and the first italo records were bought. We decided to go to a party, J.D. Jaber and Swan were on stage at Teejater Naaldwijk. During the party I bought Primadonna – Flashing On The Foor on Many records from a trunk. Eventually I got to know the real enthusiasts, and finally I could share my hobby with others. I like the melodies in Music, so later on Italodance, Dreamhouse and Trance was my style.
I played at Disco 538, many parties, and I was on my way with my own drive in show. I was also able to find a lot in my studio to make a new mix. In 2004, together with Etwin & Joke from now Disco The History in Tynaarlo, I organized the first italoparty in the Northern Netherlands. To make this a big party, I called Marcello d’Azzurro, and we managed to get Scotch. My friends Kees (KCcee), Peter Nederpelt and Savino were the deejays. Finally, in 2005 we saw Miko Mission, and in 2006 Brian Ice on stage. It was a highlight for me.

Hope you enjoy Intense Radio with all deejays and programs. For me it is fantastic to be part of the team. I will make many mixes for you. You can hear those mixes at Sunday.