24 Dec 2017 Sunday


Mezzo Podcast
05:00 pm - 06:00 pm

Every sunday from 17:00 PM until 18:00 PM Dj Menno

A dynamic figure whose keen music sense is matched only by his virtuosity at the decks. Carrying the banner of MEZZO, this initiative and way of life he started in 2001, Menno has traveled around The Netherlands and beyond. He’s done so with a raise-the-roof party mentality. A strong dose of art and live artists and the chunky, funky house sound that is so unique to him that it’s described as MEZZO! In 2006 Menno got signed with Ministry of Sound as a Tour Manager Middle East and moved to Sharm El Sheikh to manage three events a week in the outstanding outdoor location ‘PACHA.’ In Egypt he became a Tour Manager with a lot on his mind. The challenge to make profit with the events was made but a lack of security made the job impossible. Due to a poor collaboration with both parties Menno desided to come back to the Netherlands. He striked back and found a job with the one of the best int. event organisation ID&T as operator of Dance-Tunes. Now a days he’s resident of ‘t Maliehuisje’

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